Better wealth distribution and positive cultural understanding are two highly important values that emerge through this startup’s innovative business model. Creating jobs for locals is at the heart of it all. With help from the Australian Government supported MIST Market Access program, TakeMeTour plans to expand in the Greater Mekong Subregion, as well as other exciting plans aimed at the ongoing leverage for local experts and creating sustainable tourism opportunities.

TakeMeTour puts the profit directly into the hands of local experts, encourages cultural exchange and provides travelers with the much sought after authentic experience. As the largest and leading marketplace for local tours in Thailand, TakeMeTour has over 12,000 local guides from 48 cities.

In such culturally rich countries, an authentic experience for the traveler is truly valuable. This concept has proven success through TakeMeTour, gaining broad media attention and impressive investment opportunities.

MIST will continue to work with TakeMeTour to expand opportunities, broaden their network and advise on necessary areas for business development in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Myanmar. MIST is excited to see how TakeMeTour will positively impact the countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion and develop this growing innovative ecosystem.